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Ferra is the portable MF band radio transceiver.
System Ferra provides communication range over a kilometer through the rock strata.
The system does not require any different guides (cables, railes)
The combination of a durable aluminum body, moisture protection, an ultra-compact antenna, a capacious Li-ion battery, transmission of voice, text messages, any digital data using a built-in modem, a convenient full-size keyboard for typing messages, makes the FERRA L1 radio a unique tool for solving unique problems.
Range: 0,3-3 MHz (the default frequency is 1,8-2 MHz,
you can choose the required frequency)
Capacity: 0,5; 1; 2,5; 5 watt
Modulation: LSB
Radio size: 183х126х49 mm
Antenna size: 30х30х500 mm
Battery capacity: 4,5 Ah
Extra: internal modem for sending of a short text messages (especially reliable mode)
There is an input for data transmission (RS-232 TTL). The ability to send short text messages in a particularly reliable mode, a full-size keyboard (Russian/English), saving the last 10 messages.
Transceiver FERRA L1 – 1 pc.
Manipulator – 1 pc.
Antenna, 1 MHz or 1.8 MHz – 1 pc.
Charger – 1 pc.
Instructions manual – 1 pc.
Tests: experimentally confirmed communication range underground through rock without the use of metal guides:

1200 m - potash mine
The FERRA L1 radio has been repeatedly tested in various mines and mines and has shown unique results.
Ferra L1 kit
Test reports:
Key Features
System Ferra provides communication range over a kilometer through the rock strata.
The system does not require any different guides (cables, railes).
The system Ferrа is intended for radio communication in mines, diggings and caves.
Our results were confirmed by tests in the anthracite mines with significant inclusion of higly wet rocks.
1. Terrestrial radio communication
Ferra was tested in field conditions repeatedly. Our tests were in Omsk region, in Yakutia (Sakha) and in EU countries. The communication range varies depending of the features of relief, water barriers and forests.
The general test results are below:
Voice communication Ferra-Ferra is about 30-60 km. The Ferra sets are in hands of operators. Then raising the antenna increases communication range.
When to send short text messages increases communication range up to 100 km. This is important for areas where there is no cellular communication.
2. Underground radio communication
It is well known that the underground radio communication very difficult to ensure. Radio waves strongly absorbed by the rock strata therefore, the communication range is reduced. Especially if the radio waves pass through the rock strata directly, and not along the shafts or the wall of the caves.

Ferra was subjected to a series of tests in mines and caves to identify opportunities in such difficult conditions. Our radio station was tested on Urals, in Rostov region and in Kazakhstan.
The general test results:
The communication range along the shaft is about 1,5-3 km (points of communication can be located in one mountain drift and in different, in parallel or perpendicular).
The communication range through the rock strata is about 1 km in message mode and less in voice mode.
We are sure that for Ferra radio with a weight of 2 kg shown results are interesting and deserve attention.
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